Our Vision and Philosophy

In Hypatia we have a vision for transforming the world, we set our eyes on some key industries that aren’t functioning properly, and work on them until we create a revolution shifting these industries into a completely new area, an area where it becomes one of the most effective industries instead of being one of the least.

In these industries, we believe that if you look back in history you will see a line marking a complete transformation.


We started with education because we believe the impact we're going to make will change the world. We all know education is broken.

Our Philosophy for Making These Changes

To make these changes we don't act the change ourselves, we don't teach people ourselves, build new schools, or publish free courses. We don't believe that these methods are effective or scalable. Instead, we setup a system where it's only natural for great education to flourish.

We set up the system such that our products will show you what it means and how it feels to be a great teacher, what it means to transform the way students see the world. We set up the system such that our products will show you what it means to be unbelievably excited when discovering how lightning hits the ground, or why some plants don't grow tall. We set up the system such that schools and teachers which provide the best education gain the most. We don't help them grow their profit just because they use our product, we help them because they became great educators.

In this system, all actors engaging with it (businesses, teachers, students, universities, institutes, IT services, and us) stand to win from improving education and that's how we achieve sustainability.

Our product is not just the platform. Our product is the whole system where the platform is just a tool that allows us to make the change. We don’t see ourselves as a service provider, and our users as customers or money bags. Instead, we see ourselves as enablers and our users as the force of change. It's because, with our users, for them, and by them we will change the world.

That is our vision, and no matter what team you’re on or what talents you offer, your time with Hypatia should be in service of this vision.

In Hypatia we promise you a chance to make a difference in the world